Joby Cummings was born in Palm Springs, California and shortly thereafter found himself growing up in rural Texas. After discovering his mom's art supplies at age seven he gave up his destiny as a prestigious rocket scientist and pursued the career of a starving artist. He then spent many years daydreaming, avoiding responsibilities and drawing instead of doing schoolwork. He was heavily influenced at a young age by classic lowbrow art and cartoons like Wacky Packages, Ed Roth, and early Disney animations. He is versed in many creative genres but prefers to work in Geometric, Illustrative, Neo-Traditional, and Abstract/Modern art formats and when available merging these styles.


Joby later went on to attend some obscure Jr College with hopes of becoming a top tier graphic designer. Fate would have it as he was distracted by the allure of the tattoo industry and found himself apprenticing in a local studio in Dallas, Texas. Thrown into the fast-paced environment of a high volume tattoo shop in early 1991, he would get his baptism by fire in illustration and design. Eight years later he found himself returning to the graphic design realm. This move overlapped his tattoo career and eventually took precedence until late 2005. Joby had a "come to Jesus" moment and decided for his own sanity it was best he quit the corporate grind and move to Los Angeles in order to fulfill his lifelong destiny as a professional beach bum/tattoo artist.


Publications that have featured his art includes: Out of Step Books, Tattoo Savage, International Tattoo, Skin Art, Tattoo Flash, and Inked - teNeues Publishing. His art also can be found in numerous old AF and out-of-fashion clothing lines and t-shirt companies such as: Christian Audigier, Scanty Pajamas, Zissou & Spike, BCBG, Vertigo, Joie, ENK, West 49, and of course dozens of articles and quick blurbs on a multitude of typography, t-shirt and poster blogs.

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