Marlaina Mortati is a vegan tattoo artist and animal rights advocate. Marlaina started her career in 2015 under master artist Andrew Sussman, becoming his one and only apprentice in his 25 years of tattooing. Finishing her apprenticeship in 2016 and soon moving to Los Angeles to work at Royal Heritage Tattoo.


Heavily inspired by animals, nature and a deep love of children’s illustrations. She works in multiple styles to accommodate her broad client base, but her love and passion is deeply embedded in illustrative colorful work. She works closely with her clients to create unique and well thought out custom tattoo designs.


Specializing in 100% vegan tattoos, beyond just ink she focuses her attention to providing a fully cruelty-free tattoo procedure. From inks to ointments, razors to stencil creams and paper to provide her clients a fully vegan and cruelty free procedure.


In her free time, Marlaina creates artwork that focuses on animal rights issues, advocating for animals with organizations such as the Los Angeles Animal Save, and spending time with her rescued street dog, Angelo.


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